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[DPS Lab] How to open ports on router

This is a guide where I explain how to open ports on a router, in this case, a router Thompson TG585v7

First, we need to login to our modem. Open a web browser and type the following address:

We are going to see the following screen:

In the fields, type the following data:

User name: TELMEX
Password: Your WEP KEY. (check the labels of your router)

If the information is correct we will see the main configuration screen:

Then, in the sidebar we will select the option "Herramientas" ("tools"), we will see this screen:

In Herramientas (tools) screen, we are going to select the option "Comparticion de juegos y aplicaciones" (Games and Applications Sharing). We will enter to this section:

Here is where we have control over ports, we can open, close and assign to any device.
To do this, at the bottom of the screen we will select the option "Crear neuvo juego o aplicacion" ("Create new game or application").
We will see this screen:

Here we will enter a name for our new game or application. In the options below we will select the one that says "Entrada manual de mapas de puertos" ("Manual Entry of Port Maps") and we click Next.

On the next screen:

we are going to define the range of ports, which can be as wide as we need it. In this case I just need to open only one port the 1194, so my interval is from 1194 to 1194.
The other options are left with the default values ​​that have, we click on "Agregar" ("Add"), the screen will refresh and we will see a table that was not previously with the newly opened ports.

Next, we just need to assign that port to a device, basically, this is a type of redirection, because if a request comes to our router with a specific port, the request will be redirected to the device that is assigned that port.
For this we go to the options at the bottom of the modem setup screen and select the option "Asignar un juego o aplicacion a un dispositivo de red local" ("Assign a game or application to a local network device").
Then, in the next screen:

in the table, we will choose the game which we are going to assign, and the device which we are going to assign a game.
Once we have specified these data, we will click the button "Agregar" ("add").

And that is all, we have opened a port and also have set a condition to redirect traffic to the computer or device that will -serve the request.

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