lunes, 12 de marzo de 2012

[DPS Class] Contributions WEEK 6

This week, my partner Rafael Lopez and work on the interconnection of two VPN, one in each home, using two different methods:
  • OpenVPN: I've updated this entry, check the new information at the bottom.
  • HamuchiBy Rafael Lopez
this will serve to us in the future to connect 2 completely separate cluster and make a grid.

For the laboratory, I make the entry: Grid Computing & Cluster Computing

I was unable to login to the wiki because the server stills down, so I wrote the entries in my blog and I will transcribe them to the wiki later.

  • Rafael Lopez For the implementation of a Hamuchi Network, and he still helps me in all the work, and also because he called the group for the first meeting to check the progress of the proyect.
  • Cecilia Urbina for the implementation of Parallel PI Calculation
  • Roberto Martinez for the implemtation of PseudoRMI in Python using Pyro

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